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Our pharmacy team work closely with GPs and other surgery staff to make sure patients medication is safe and correct. If you have a query about medication or a medication review, you might be asked to speak to one of the pharmacy team.
Clinical Pharmacist – Zara
Our Clinical Pharmacists’ role is to support and advise with medication queries from GPs, nurses and patients. Zara handles questions on side-effects, compliance, reducing the number of medications patients need to take and making sure they are at the right dose. She will find alternative medications for patients if a change is needed or usual medicines are in short supply. Clinical Pharmacists can prescribe medication and aim to ensure all patients’ medication is safe and accurate.
Pharmacy Technician – Jemma
Jemma works to maximise safe, cost effective best practice prescribing and to improve the quality of patient care. She helps with medication reviews, checks hospital discharge medication and liaises with local community pharmacies. Pharmacy technicians are not able to prescribe or make clinical decisions. Instead they work under supervision of clinical colleagues to ensure effective and efficient use of medicines.