Long-term Conditions

All patients diagnosed with eligible chronic diseases are recalled each year in the month of their birth.

For most conditions, this will require two appointments, one with a Healthcare Assistant and a second with a Nurse skilled in chronic disease management.

These are important reviews aimed at supporting you by providing education, encouraging shared decision making and giving you the confidence to manage your health.

Please respond when you receive a letter invitation to book your review by contacting our reception team.

Non-urgent advice: LTC review invitation

We recall patients for their annual review by letter or text message. If you receive a letter or a text message from us calling you for your annual review, please contact the surgery on 0115 896 9991 and ask to make an appointment.

Reception will book you in with the appropriate person. This will be a Practice Nurse or a Health Care Assistant and may be a face to face or telephone review.  If you have Diabetes or Chronic Kidney Disease, please bring a urine sample with you to your first appointment.

Please note that we usually recall patients for their annual review during the month of their birth. This may mean that you are being called for your review sooner than you are expecting. Please be assured that following this, you will be called for your review once every 12 months, during the month of your birth. Please do not book in for your review at any other time in the year as we will be unable to complete this for you unless we have sent you a specific invitation.

These are important reviews and we hope that you will attend. An annual review helps us to monitor your care and therefore if you do not attend it may impact on our ability to prescribe some medications for you. However, if you do not wish to have your review when recalled, please contact the surgery to let us know.

It may be that when you receive a letter or text message, you already have an appointment booked for your review or you may have very recently had your review. In this instance, please disregard the letter or text message.

In line with NHS guidance re COVID 19, please wear a face covering when attending for your appointment.